Taco Dumbo: Part 2 – I guess I’m doing parts now.

So a few months back I wrote a review about the best taco place in town.  Well, Taco Dumbo is lucky company number 2 to get two reviews because, well, they are just that good.  Recently, I was told to venture out to their newest location on 5th Ave & 52nd street.  What have I... Continue Reading →


A Carb-tastic day in New York City – Gnocco

Sorry, this latest review is a bit late.  I know I had promised three new reviews last week, but life got in the way and I some stellar life changes may be on the horizon.  Time shall tell!  Anyway, I recently caught up with my cousin in New York City.  It had been about six?... Continue Reading →

Crazy for Tacos at Taco Dumbo

When a fast food place in one of the busiest areas of New York City knows your name and order by heart... It's probably time for you to write about it. Taco Dumbo is located in The Pennsy Food Hall, upstairs from Penn Station and outside the lobby to Madison Square Garden. I discovered this... Continue Reading →

Bringing Art to Cakes – An Interview with Baked by Sabine

So, this week the article isn't really a review.  I decided to change things up and interview a new up-and-coming pastry chef that is based here on Long Island.   I met up with Sabine Gerdts that recently started bakedbysabine. I first met Sabine from cycling (she was my instructor), So I was very interested to know what made someone go from a fitness instructor to baking.  Take a look at my conversation with her!

Cricket Protein Bars! Yes, really!

It’s finally here!  The long-awaited cricket protein bar review.  Before I dive into my review, I have to answer the question that everyone was asking me, Why Crickets?   Well, They offer more protein and nutrients per pound than beef.  In fact, many countries around the world already consume crickets, not even ground up.  They pop... Continue Reading →

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