Live Orchestra to Film: Nightmare Before Christmas

Who doesn’t love the classic Disney Film, The Nightmare Before Christmas? I honestly don’t think I have met someone who actually disliked this film.  It has been a tradition for my family to watch this movie every single year.  There is just something about it that screams the perfect Christmas movie.  I know there is some debate that this is a Halloween movie…I think we can agree that it is a good movie to watch in between Halloween and Christmas.


I recently attended a live performance of The Nightmare Before Christmas at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York.  Some people had asked me if this was an actual performance, like a Broadway show or some sort of ballet.  It is not; it is literally the movie playing on a giant screen with a live orchestra playing ALL the music scores from the movie.  One of the cool things about the show was that Danny Elfman (Singing voice of Jack Skellington), Catherine O’Hara (Sally) and Ken Page(Oogie Boogie) were all in attendance at the show performing certain parts from the movie.



I honestly was expecting the actors to voice every single line from the movie…Definitely guessed wrong there.  The movie itself has about ten or so singing parts, so, fortunately, we did at least experience a fair share of performances by the cast.  The show itself was certainly fun, would I see it again? Maybe.  If someone invited me, I would certainly go back.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the show, it just wasn’t something I would go back to see every year.  It was a fun night out, with a great music score.  The show runs about two hours, so you can definitely plan a dinner before the show, without feeling like the night is too long with kids.  Although the show has ended its run for the year, I would imagine the show to be back next year.  Plus, many other composers do events that have a live orchestra with a movie.  I know Game of Thrones did one for the premiere of one of their seasons.  Hans Zimmer also frequently tours with a live orchestra – HIGHLY Recommend that show.


Let me know what you think of this post! This was my first attempt at writing about something other than food.

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