Blue Hill – From Farm to Table

This review is about three years late….  I first went to Blue Hill back in 2014 and absolutely loved it.  Then I went back a year later and fell in love all over again.  Here we are three years later, and for some reason, I still haven’t shared all the pictures and the love I have for this New York City gem.  Located in NOHO by Washington Square Park sits a small restaurant that while tiny, is quite known in the food world.  Blue Hill – NYC is a farm-to-table type restaurant.  In other words, all the food is locally sourced and you can find yourself eating food such as flowers, plant roots, and if your adventurous…hearts and livers of chicken.  Chef Dan Barber is the man behind this restaurant, and he truly creates a memorable experience.   Since it has been quite some time, I don’t remember a handful of the things I ate.  I will still post the pictures for your enjoyment.  IMG_2435.JPGOutside the restaurant.  If you happen to be walking by, you could easily miss it.  It is located in the basement of a townhouse along a residential street.  Since it is so small, I HIGHLY recommend you make a reservation in advance.  It is highly unlikely you can walk in and get a table on the spot.  On both occasions that I dined at the restaurant, my party and I ordered the “Farmers Feast” which is priced at $108 a head.  The regular menu is $95, so for another $13 it was a no-brainer. The menu at Blue Hill is constantly changing, so I can’t say for sure you will find what I ate, similar to what you may indulge in.  I will be posting all the food in no particular order, since has been a while.


First up, is some shredded lettuce inside of a crispy shell.  You will see from this review that all of the food presentations are VERY simple.  While they are indeed quite simple, the flavors in all of the dishes are unforgettable.  Yeah, we have all had shredded lettuce before, or we have had asparagus before.  But, have you had it prepared by world-renowned chefs? Maybe you have, no judgment here.  Anyway, this dish was delicious.   It was basically a one bite Ceaser Salad experience.  Definitely, a nice way to start the meal.  Food8.JPGNext on the menu is some asparagus tips in a savory sauce.  I can’t for the life of me remember what the sauce was…but it was savory!Food2.JPGWhat’s a meal without some salad?  Again, another simple plate…but those orange things?  Those are petals from a flower. Now, I wouldn’t recommend picking those flowers that your neighbor just planted, those may not be the same ones that Chef Barber picked out.  Plus, your neighbor may be weirded out if you start eating their plants.Food4.JPGBREAD!  If you have been keeping out with my blog, you know I believe bread can make or break a meal.  It is safe to say that this bread was of course perfect.  Not too hard, not too soft, warm, crispy, slathered with some sea salt butter. Perfect!  Plus, the little paper bag they are sitting in is a nice touch.  Food5.JPGChorizo Sausage <3.  I am not entirely sure, but if I recall, I believe this sausage was made with beets.  Personally, I despise beets, however, I remember being pleasantly surprised because it was yet another appetizing dish.  Food6.JPGThis was probably my favorite dish from the restaurant.  Celery root.  I knew what celery was, but I never knew what celery ROOT was.  If you ever saw that movie Holes,  you may know what I am getting to. Remember those wild Onions that Stanley and Zero were eating?  Well, these celery roots are about the closest thing that I thought they looked to and imagined what they tasted like.  Literally, they tasted amazing.  They got me hooked on sliced celery root that you can actually find in your local supermarket.  Of course, it is nowhere near the same.  The whole vegetable is edible by the way.  Leaf and all!Food7.JPGNext on the menu is yellow tomatoes.  I know, I know, what’s the big deal with yellow tomatoes.  To be honest, I am not really sure…They were just so enjoyable though.  Who knew such a small yellow tomato could be packed with so much flavor and juices?IMG_2430.JPGWhen it comes to plating food, I am not entirely sure the thought that goes into it.  This literally came out set to the side like that with a big void on the side.  Anyway,  here we have a crispy pizza slice with pureed avocado with cabbage and a frothy milk topping.  Now that I look at this again, the milk really doesn’t look appetizing.  I guess, just take my word for it and know that it was delicious.IMG_2431.JPGThe second time I went, the waitress asked us how adventurous we were.  Actually, before I get to this, I have to say the service at this restaurant is truly perfect.  Everyone knows exactly what everything is, and really makes an effort to get to know you.  Back to the food!  My friend and I both said we were willing to try some new things.  We could have never guessed that we would be getting some chicken organs as our next course.  On the top left is yes, a chicken heart.  I did feel somewhat bad for eating a heart.  Don’t get me wrong, I love meat.  It was just a bit different to be eating a heart of an animal.  It was though, absolutely heavenly.  The heart is soft, and kind of just melts in your mouth.  They taste similar to the breast of a chicken and also are packed with protein. On the bottom, we have the chicken liver.  Also delightful.  The liver is a bit gamier and reminiscent of red meat.  Still, it is something that should not be skipped. IMG_2433Finally, we have some dessert! Here we have again, some more flowers mixed in with sorbet.  If I remember correctly, I believe the sorbet was strawberry flavored.  It was also packed with flavor and of course, the flowers blended perfectly with it.  A great way to end the meal.  A big thank you to my family and friends for joining me for this restaurant experience.  I couldn’t to these reviews without your continued support!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks review!  I had to do some digging for these pictures!  It was fun to look at all the various things I had tried from there! Check out their site to learn more, Blue Hill!

You can also learn more about Blue Hill on Netflix actually.  They are featured on a special episode of Chef’s Table, a really cool show if you love food!

Finally, I hate to do this…but these reviews do cost money!

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