Cricket Protein Bars! Yes, really!

It’s finally here!  The long-awaited cricket protein bar review.  Before I dive into my review, I have to answer the question that everyone was asking me, Why Crickets?   Well, They offer more protein and nutrients per pound than beef.  In fact, many countries around the world already consume crickets, not even ground up.  They pop those suckers in whole. According to an article by U.S. News here are just some of the countries that enjoy them.

  • Thailand: Grasshoppers, crickets, and worms are seasoned and fried and often served as street food at the local markets.
  • Mexico: Bugs are often battered and fried, and in some cases, they are dipped in chocolate.  For the really adventurous, Mezcal, a Mexican liquor is served with a worm, usually swallowed whole.
  • China: Normally, you will find insects served in high-end restaurants, but you also find them served on skewers on the street.

So, it is clear that crickets and various bugs are already consumed all around the world. According to Fortune, the insect industry may be worth more than 360 million in the coming years. People are enjoying it, so why can’t Americans have some fun in the action. Cricket flour also boasts a few health benefits!  With anything in life, cricket flour has its upsides and downsides


  • Gluten-Free
  • 7 grams of protein every two tablespoons
  • High source of iron – which promotes bone health and reduces blood pressure
  • High in vitamins such as B12 and B2.
  • Contains more protein than beef!


  • If you are allergic to shellfish, it is possible you are also allergic to crickets. Sorry!
  • After doing some research (first two pages of a google search) there really wasn’t anything negative!

I first heard about crickets in an article from GQ Magazine.  I am not going to lie, I was certainly hesitant at first to drop $40 on a bunch of cricket bars.  A few people that I asked said they would be willing to try it, so I bought EXO Cricket Bars!

Image result for Exo cricket bars

Exo Protein conveniently makes a few flavors to try! They come in:

  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Blueberry Vanilla
  • Cocoa Nut
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Banana Bread

I went with the Banana Bread!  When I bought the bars a few weeks ago, Cocoa Nut and PB&J weren’t an option! If I were to buy now, it would have been PB&J.  Okay, so what did people think?  Well, it was mixed.   I had various family and friends try the bar.  Many people were hesitant to try something made of bugs.  The reviews were nothing to rave about.  It very well could have been the flavor, or the fact the bars were made of prunes.  Personally, I hate prunes – blegh -. Soo… that could have ruined my liking of the bars.  On the other hand, the people that did somewhat enjoy it just had the psychological factor they were eating crickets.  Were they worth $3?  Nah.  Would I eat again?  Perhaps another flavor.

The population of planet Earth is rapidly growing.  We are now at 7.442 BILLION people and growing. Fast.  That is a LOT of mouths to feed.  People hate change, heck the United States is one of the few countries in the world that refuses to move to the metric system.  I get eating whole crickets still sounds disgusting, but ground up?  That is not that bad.  Some lipstick is made with crushed insects…roadkill is used in some soap, eyeshadow and again lipstick.  If you can wear bugs on your face, I am sure you can start to eat them too.

So what did you say, are you going to try them out?

If so, click here for a special discount on a sample pack!

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