Canada, Eh? Food, Sights, and the Olympics!

My apologies for the late post! The past month has been quite busy.  I was in Montreal for a couple of days, then I was in Cancun.  So I have not had time to write a new post!  But, here I am, ready to get back to it!  In the next few months, expect a review from a restaurant in Cancun, a sightseeing tour in Cancun, product reviews, and more! Plus, I have a new surprise launching soon! Followers of my personal Instagram @scottyh__ will be delighted for the launch of the surprise!

*This post is picture heavy, make sure your wifi is turned on!*


Anyway, back to the review.  Last month, I braved the cold and headed up to Montreal for a weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  My friend and I took the seven-hour drive up from Long Island straight on up to Montreal….with a side trip to Lake Placid.  The drive up to Montreal was uh…interesting to say the least.

Lots of land for sure.

We decided to take about a two-hour detour to Lake Placid, NY home of the 1932 and 1980 Olympics.  Traveling up and down through the mountains, and no cell service; we finally started seeing signs of an Olympic village!  We knew we were getting close when we spotted one of the ski ramps tucked away in the forest.

Sorry for the tilt!

Lake Placid is home to just over 2,400 people.  It is a small little sleepy town in upstate New York, with quaint shops, nice people, and of course the Olympic Village.   The day we visited, there was actually a hockey event taking place, so more people than usual were in town.

We walked around, stopped in the shops and hit the road to continue our travels up to Canada.

After traveling through the winding roads upstate New York, we finally reached the United States/Canadian Border.  And just like that, we were in Canada!

It took about another hour from the border until we reached Montreal.  I didn’t take many photos as the ride up was desolate.  A whole lot of nothing for miles.

After settling down in our Airbnb (which I HIGHLY recommend doing) for a little bit, we went right back out and hit up Old Montreal.   Old Montreal is absolutely wonderful.  If you have ever traveled across the pond to Paris, you would agree that the town is very similar.  All the wonderful things of Paris; Cobblestone streets, low buildings, french speaking people. There were even maple syrup stores because of course! This is Canada, Land of the Maple!

It was starting to get late and we had not had dinner yet, so we found an excellent pizza restaurant in Old Montreal.  Located at 410 St Vincent Street, is Bevo Bar + Pizzeria.

I didn’t take too many photos of this restaurants because I wasn’t planning on reviewing it! My apologies.  However, I did take a photo of the delicious Pizza I ordered.

This beauty right here is Burrata and Black Truffle – burrata, mushrooms, black truffle, and arugula.  This pizza was one of the best pizza’s I have had….not counting the pizza I have indulged in from Italy and New York City.  As we were dining, we couldn’t help but notice many people going into a very nondescript door right outside the restaurant.

Everyone was else was walking in, we thought why not! Let’s check it out!  We quickly finished the rest of our meal and walked across the street.  There was no signage, no hints at what we were about to walk into.  I rang the doorbell and a man popped out and asked how many.  He led us inside, down a creepy staircase (if you ever saw the SAW movies, well… I was certain Jigsaw was about to pop out).  We made it down the stairs, and there were just some black storage crates and a meat locker door.  Upon opening the door was a speakeasy!

We finished off the night by walking around and hitting up the Montreal Casino.


The day had finally come to have what could possibly be the best breakfast…ever!  I got a recommendation from a friend to try Restaurant L’Avenue located at 922 Mont-Royal Ave E.   I had to convince four other people to wake up early on Saturday and wait online for a restaurant we had never heard of.  The place was packed…we waited outside in 35-degree weather for an hour!  When we finally made it in, we were a bit hangry.

The restaurant is relatively small, but there sure were a lot of people inside.  Once we sat down we immediately popped open the menu and ordered!  I started off with the Coconut Milk Maple Syrup Coffee.  Boy, was that a heavenly delight!  I don’t know if it was so enjoyable because I was ravenous, but that coffee was legit the best coffee I had ever had.

Now for the food.  I honestly had trouble deciding on what to eat for breakfast – there were so many choices!  Luckily,  one of the choices was “indecisive”, and all of us decided on the same thing.  I chose egg whites, pulled Canadian ham, sausage, potatoes, and Creme Brule French Toast.  Where to start…Well, the french toast, that was something else.  It was everything you would expect Creme Brule to be… in dessert form.  You could scrape the top layer of the french toast and have that sugary crust come off in flakes.  Fresh torched french toast..yes, please!  The toast was creamy on the inside with fresh whipped cream and strawberries to top it off.  Up next  I had the potatoes.  For my American readers, you know that taste of stuffing on Thanksgiving?  Well, these potatoes were the closest thing to it.  Sage, rosemary, and pepper were blended perfectly – not too overpowering, to create this delectable side.  Even though I was nearly full by the time I got them, I just had to finish them.  None of them could go to waste.  Now that I write this post, I wish I ordered a side just to take home… Anyway, the egg whites were good – nothing major to brag about and the sausages were great as well.


All five of us thoroughly enjoyed our meal.  The service was excellent and the staff was just so friendly.  So friendly, that everyone at the table shared social media handles with her.  While I am sure you can do the same thing in New York City, you may get a smack or the bird instead.  It was now about two and half hours later since we started our food adventure and we were ready to get up and moving and exploring.  We parted ways and my friend and I took an Uber up to the Olympic Stadium.

About a twenty-minute cab ride to the Olympic area, we arrived.  This was our second Olympic Park visit in two days and wow, was this place an experience.  Montreal hosted the 1976 Olympics and it was the first time Canada was the host country.  Much to my surprise almost all of the Olympic Park is still used today.  I wish some of the more recent cities that have hosted the Olympics would take some tips from Montreal.

Our first stop was the Olympic Swimming Center.  This place was PACKED.  Stepping inside to this place from 30-degree weather into a building that smelled of chlorine and humidity through the roof was a shock.

The place was definitely being used to its fullest potential  You had people diving, Kids playing in the wading pool, and others just sitting in the bleachers taking it all in.  My friend and I knew we had to visit the main stadium where the opening ceremonies took place.  It took some wandering around the park to figure out where to go.  Finally, we found the entrance and found out you had to pay to get in.  Without hesitation, we opted to do it, plus we got to see some behind-the-scenes and learned some fun facts.

And there it was, the stadium.  This place was massive.  For the Olympics, it was able to fit a whopping 73,000 people.  Just take it all in:

We also decided to stop at the observatory for a great vantage point of the city.  Enjoy some photos of Montreal.

After walking around all day at the park, we finished up the day by stopping for a hockey game.  I don’t have any pictures because, at this point, I was just taking my last day of Montreal in.   Enjoy some extra photos of my weekend trip:

I hope you enjoyed this article!  Montreal was a lot of fun.  Would I visit again? Absolutely, but I would opt for warmer weather to walk around more.  Spending your weekend with new friends and old is a great way to spend any weekend.

As always, if you like what you read, let me know! If you want to be extra friendly and leave a donation, that would be awesome too! Use the donate button below.  Every cent helps to bring you more posts!


Interested in the restaurants mentioned? Check them out:

Bevo Bar + Grill

Restaurant L’Avenue

Until next time! Now, where did I put my Maple Syrup?


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