Finding a Gem on the East End: Carissa’s The Bakery


Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I certainly did after finding my favorite bakery in the Hamptons!  So, I spent my weekend out in the Hamptons and while I was there I stumbled upon a little bakery in East Hampton.  I woke up bright and early on Sunday Morning to attend a workout class at the crack of dawn.  Of course, I arrived there early, as I usually do. You can fact check that with my friends.  But, arriving early this time allowed me to find a phenomenal bakery.  Tucked off the main street in the East Hampton Village hides Carissa’s The Bakery.

While sitting in my car mindlessly scrolling through social media, I looked up and noticed quite a few people coming and going from this shop quite frequently.  My class didn’t start for another thirty minutes, so I thought, what the heck, might as well grab some food.  I walked in and I was immediately greeted by a friendly staff a constant rotation of fresh pastries and bread coming literally right out of the oven.  Chocolate croissants, almond croissants, regular croissants, cinnamon buns, you name it.  So many fresh options to choose from!  I was overwhelmed by the fresh smell of the bread that I chose a classic, a chocolate croissant.  Now time was ticking, I had an intense workout class in twenty minutes, and I want to enjoy this warm, soft chocolate croissant.  I scarfed it down in my car, and I sincerely wished had taken a moment to enjoy it longer.  It was just so good!

Skip ahead one hour, after my workout class… I decided to go back to the bakery for some more treats.  I was hungry, sweaty, and ready to eat more!  This time, I took my time and browsed the selection.  Also at this time, there were some more items out on display fresh from the oven.  I ended up getting a Tea Loaf that legit tasted like heaven.  Don’t let the name deceive you. If you like some pistachios and loaf bread, then you will fall in love with this.  Even if you don’t, you should still try it, you are missing out on some outstanding food.  Next up, I got an almond croissant, which I, unfortunately, didn’t have a chance to try, but the people that did eat it said it was delicious.  Finally, I got some coffee to wash it all down because what else are you going to drink at 830 in the morning?  Starbucks better step up their game, because I am going to make sure I get this coffee every time I am out in the Hamptons.  That iced coffee?  It hit the spot, perfectly.


Now, Carissa doesn’t only make amazing bread and pastry.  She also does Wedding Cakes and makes amazing looking pies!

So… What are you waiting for? Go to East Hampton and get some baked goods at Carissa’s The Bakery!

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