Catching up with friends at the Rooftop at the Providence G

As some of you may be aware…if you have been following my travels on Instagram, that I recently drove up to Providence, RI to catch up with some friends.  It took me about three and a half hours to reach Providence besides taking a detour to do some exploring in Newport, RI.  In Newport, I stopped at the Breakers home and the Marble home.  Homes that were built and owned by the Vanderbilts.  See for yourself what some of these houses looked like.

The outside

Crazy detail from one of the many rooms of the estate.

Moving on…since the review is about the food at Providence G.  Unfortunately the butlers and cooks at the old mansions are no longer there.

So let’s get right to it!  Set atop the Providence G apartments on Dorrance street is, you guessed it, Rooftop at Providence G.  With room for both indoor and outdoor seating, a separate lounging area by some fire pits, and a bar, there are plenty of spots for you to do what you choose.  After raining pretty much all day, the skies cleared up and let some sunshine come out to catch the sun setting for the evening.

I started my meal off with two appetizers.  First, the Cauliflower “Tartare” arrived.  This consisted of parsnip, purple sweet potato, and harissa yogurt.  Unfortunately, this dish didn’t cut it for me.  The cauliflower tasted a bit bland, and the consistency was on the harder side.

Fortunately, the Korean Tacos made up for it.  With pork belly, kimchi slaw, and radish, this was so savory and delicious.  Now that I think of it, many of the restaurants in Providence had some sort of a Korean dish on it.  Not sure if that’s their thing, but I was loving all of the Korean food I had.

Next up, my friend wanted to get the Charcuterie & Cheese Board which was a nice selection by the chef of different meat, cheese, olive paste, and bread.  A perfect compliment to the Korean Taco Dish.

For dinner, I had the Grilled Rare Tuna that had risotto cake, maitake mushrooms, baby bok choy, and Yuzo dashi.  By this point of the meal, I was getting quite full after filling up on all the appetizers.  I found the Tuna not to have too much flavor, so I settled with eating half of the tuna with the rice.  By that time, I was overstuffed so I called it quits and was satisfied with my meal.

Would I go to back to the Rooftop at Providence G?  Absolutely.  Look, every place I go to is not going to be the best food in the world, and that is okay.  The best part of the night was catching up with someone who I had not seen in three years.  The food was just a nice little add-on to catching up.

Headed to Providence?  I would definitely recommend a reservation as seats do fill up fast.  Check it out:

Rooftop at Providence G

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Thanks for reading and expect an all-new interview from a cake designer later this week!


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