Bringing Art to Cakes – An Interview with Baked by Sabine

So, this week the article isn’t really a review.  I decided to change things up and interview a new up-and-coming pastry chef that is based here on Long Island.   I met up with Sabine Gerdts that recently started bakedbysabine. I first met Sabine from cycling (she was my instructor), So I was very interested to know what made someone go from a fitness instructor to baking.  Take a look at my conversation with her! But first a cake.

Scott:  So… I know we first met at Cycling as you were my instructor for numerous classes.  What made you want to get into the baking scene?

Sabine:  I was looking for a creative outlet.  I was starting not to feel inspired on the bike; I needed something more.

Scott:  What pushed you then to choose baking?

Sabine: Well I was watching a lot of baking shows, and my earliest memory of baking was probably around three years old. I would start going to museums to get inspiration from the various artwork.   The cake is like a canvas for me, so I love when people give me the options to let me do my own thing.

Scott: I can see why so many of your cakes look like you took an art piece and put it on a cake.

Great Gatsby Cake

Sabine: Haha yes!

Scott:  What would you say is the most rewarding part about owning your own pastry business?

Sabine:  Definitely when people are visually impressed by the cake,  Even more so when people love both the taste and the design of the cake.  It is the best feeling people when my clients are impressed with my work.

Scott:  So, I saw that you posted you are no longer taking orders for the summer.  That’s great!! Business must be good! Are you still cycling as well?

Sabine:  Oh absolutely! I teach in the morning, and in the afternoon, then go home to bake.  Whenever I am not cycling, you can find me baking.  I try to have Sundays and Mondays to myself, so I am not overworking myself.

Scott: Yeah, you don’t want to get burned out.  How many cakes are you working on weekly about?

Sabine:  At the moment I am working on about ten orders a week.  The cakes are mainly multiple tiered cakes.

Scott:  And you are doing this all out of your house?

Sabine:  Yup! I hope to at one point have a commercial kitchen instead of using my basement.

Scott:  Would you want to have a storefront at one point?

Sabine:  Well, I rather not have a bakery – I would rather have a custom bake shop.

Scott:  Since you are not yet using a full-sized kitchen, What would you say has been the most unique cake?

Sabine:  There is so many to choose from! I recently make a Basquiat Cake based on the artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Scott:  That is sick!! What has been your most difficult?

Sabine:  Hmm, Well the most time consuming was the New York University Cake.  It took a lot of time to paint the skyline.

Sabine:  Most difficult would have to be the Pineapple Cake.  The client wanted it to have a round shape and be gluten-free.  Gluten-free is a bit harder to carve since it is moister than flour cakes.  I made the leaves using fondant which was also difficult to shape.  Then designing the pineapple texture was time-consuming.

Scott:  But that came out so cool!!  Your cakes are so unique!  I know you go to museums to get inspiration, but is there a place in the world that been the most influential to you?

Sabine:  Yes! Definitely France and the countryside.  Everything is so fresh there! The flavors of the French pastries are absolutely wonderful.  It is all about the taste.

Scott:  I have no doubt that people will want to order cakes from you after this article.  How far in advance should people order? Do you have a minimum?

Sabine:  Yes! So I need about four to six weeks notice for the cake.  And my minimum is $75 for a cake.

Scott:  Well I appreciate you taking the time for meeting with me today to talk about your cakes!!

Sabine:  Thank you for having me!

So I am a bit hungry after looking at all those cakes…

Check out for more information!

Have questions? Send Sabine an email!

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Thanks for reading!!  Now, time for some cake.


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