Crazy for Tacos at Taco Dumbo

When a fast food place in one of the busiest areas of New York City knows your name and order by heart… It’s probably time for you to write about it.

Taco Dumbo is located in The Pennsy Food Hall, upstairs from Penn Station and outside the lobby to Madison Square Garden. I discovered this place because I have been coming to the city so often to do some writing. Since I’m usually coming right off the train from work.. it is usually dinner time and I am starving.

So, okay, I will admit… I didn’t do a whole of exploring in Pennsy since it’s literally the first place when you enter the Food Hall from the MSG entrance. I wanted food, I saw tacos, so I got myself tacos!

Any-who, Taco Dumbo. It could best be described as a Mexican-Japanese Fusion place. Yeah, it’s an unlikely mix, but it works. And now that I think of it – it’s really more Mexican. Expect to find menu items such as tacos with raw fish options, chicken, and my favorite… Impossible Meat!!!! Taco Dumbo also offers another option, such as rice and grain bowls. Of course you can find some awesome drink options that can be made with fresh squeezed juices and a variety of flavorful rims.

My food of choice has been the Impossible Taco… almost every time. Served in a hard or soft shell is of course the impossible meat, black bean mash, vegan lime crema, and some cheese. You of course have the option to add guacamole and salsa. Between the vegan crema and the impossible meat – it’s a tasty, delicious blend of flavors. Unfortunately, each taco does run you $5 a pop. Remember, this is NYC and they are using quality ingredients. It’s worth every penny. Plus they are filling if you get two.

To pair it off, I like to order a frozen margarita with a cucumber mint juice and hibiscus or mint rim. Perfect for these hot summer days.

All in all, this place rocks. There is a reason I have been going back here so often. So next time you are in the city for an event, work, what have you, go get a taco. Trust me it will be worth it.

Check out their site for more locations!

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