Writing? Socializing? Chilling? Ace Hotel Lobby is Your Place

I know what you are thinking. – Not really though – Why is Scott writing a review about a hotel lobby.. well, if you follow me on Instagram, @scottyh__ you may have come across my story. For about the past month and a half my go to spot for writing my novel, blogging, drinking, meeting friends has been Ace Hotel.

Photo not mine, found off Google.

I realize I still have not answered the question why I have been going to hotel. Well, the Ace is unlike a lot of hotels. The Ace Hotel treats anyone who comes in like family. When you first walk in, the front desk is actually off to the side. Even from the outside, there is a small sign that says Ace Hotel. You can’t even see the sign in the above picture. It’s there though. Back to inside, the place is always PACKED. But, it is never too loud that you can’t hold a conversation or concentrate. It’s set up like a big study hall – with really good drinks and bar snacks. Since I have only been there in the evening, I can’t say much – well anything about how it is during the day. I would imagine quiet and a bit brighter. At night the place is dimly lit. It’s cozy. You can sit yourself in the back by the bar or choose one of the many couches, chairs, and long tables to sit at.

Worry not, there are numerous outlets to plug your computer in. Once you get yourself comfy, someone from the bar will come by and ask if you want something to eat or drink. I always say, Of course! Going to be here a while, might as well eat some food. If The LIRR is actually running on time, I usually make it for happy hour that is from 5pm – 7pm. They offer some great snacks such as olives, chips, and cheese boards. As well as a few red wines, white wines, and the house beer. The service is pretty decent. Take about 5-10 minutes for your drink to arrive and max about 15 for your food to arrive. They do have burgers, salads and sandwiches available to order, so those can take a little longer.

If you really just want to not eat anything, that’s cool to. Don’t forget it is a hotel lobby, so people are coming and going all the time. I have sat there with just a Starbucks coffee and minded my own business doing work.

In the end, it’s a great place to go to and get some work or drinking done. If you want to check it out go to their website!

Thanks for reading! As always, if you like what you read, feel free to drop a dime!




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