Taco Dumbo: Part 2 – I guess I’m doing parts now.

So a few months back I wrote a review about the best taco place in town.  Well, Taco Dumbo is lucky company number 2 to get two reviews because, well, they are just that good.  Recently, I was told to venture out to their newest location on 5th Ave & 52nd street.  What have I been missing!  This place (sitting here as I type this) is unlike any Taco, feel good, fast food? joint I have been to.  First off, the place feels like a fancy gourmet taco place without the fancy part.  Okay… that may not make a ton of sense.  The whole vibe of the place is just so chill.  It has the atmosphere of a Californian food spot, as well as THE place to grab food and drinks after work.  You want to be seen here, eating the freshest foods, listening to the most chill music, and totally vibing with the community.


I know I have been boring and getting the same item every time, but it’s legit so good.  Some of you have told me that eating “non-meat” is so crazy.  What is crazy?  The crazy part is how damn good it is.  But, to please you all, I did, in fact, try some other options.

I got the Baked Vegan Crab Cake, Braised Short Rib, and Vegan Chorizo.  Mind you, I am not at all going vegan,  but the tacos are so freakin’ good.  Here they are in all their glory.

Of course, all of them were good.  All of them had very distinct – tasteful – flavors.  Next time, someone asks me for a review of where to go, it will easily be Taco Dumbo.

Check them out

All photos courtesy of Taco Dumbo.

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