I created this blog to chronicle the various moments I have in my life.  On this blog, you will find restaurant reviews (who doesn’t love a good meal), my thoughts on that concert, or even product reviews! It is always fun to try something new!  I want to make this blog as fun as I can.  I want to avoid that strict, rugged writing you will find in the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal.  If you think my writing is too casual, well, I don’t know what to tell you.  People always ask me, why I spend money on these lavish dinners or these meet and greets.  The plain answer is that I live for these experiences.  Life is about having fun and enjoying every moment of it.

I am always on the hunt for new places to see, new adventures to discover, and of course, new food to try.  If you believe I should go try something, tell me! I will certainly take the time to experience it.  I want to live in the moment.  Welcome to The Life of Scott!

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