What is the Best Dairy Free Yogurt on the Market? Kite Hill Yogurt

Finding the tastiest yogurt among the hundreds of brands out there is difficult.  Finding the tastiest that is dairy free is even harder.  Many of the yogurts on the market are either filled with sugar,  packed with fats or have so many calories you might as well eat a slice of cake. As someone who is lactose-intolerant,... Continue Reading →


Blue Hill – From Farm to Table

This review is about three years late....  I first went to Blue Hill back in 2014 and absolutely loved it.  Then I went back a year later and fell in love all over again.  Here we are three years later, and for some reason, I still haven't shared all the pictures and the love I... Continue Reading →

Live Orchestra to Film: Nightmare Before Christmas

Who doesn't love the classic Disney Film, The Nightmare Before Christmas? I honestly don't think I have met someone that actually disliked this film.  It has been a tradition for my family to watch this movie every single year.  There is just something about it that screams the perfect Christmas movie.  I know there is some debate that this is a Halloween movie...I think we can agree that it is a good movie to watch in between Halloween and Christmas. 


Why is it impossible? Well, there is no meat. AT ALL. Yet, it still tastes and looks like a medium rare beef burger.  By no means, am I a vegetarian nor a vegan.  I love to bite into a delicious cow every once in a while. What is so amazing and different about a meatless... Continue Reading →

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