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People have always said to me, “Wow! You have a great eye!” (Referring to my Instagram page)  “Do you use a professional camera?”.  My answer is, Thanks! I use my iPhone’s Camera.  They usually are surprised to hear that response and then ask if I sell it anywhere.  Again, my answer is no….  Until now! Dun, Dun, Dun!

On Instagram, I have roughly 319 photos uploaded and counting. However, my personal photo library on my computer and numerous backups are well over 7000.  I took some time, and looked through each and every photo, one by one, and found the best ones that I believe you would like. From Phone Cases, Wall Art, Mousepads, and so much more! There are many photos uploaded, so be sure to look through the pages.  The store will continue to expand on a monthly basis, so be sure to bookmark it, or sign up for my emails to stay in the loop!


Lifeofscott Store


Happy Buying!!

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